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Quality Crane Transport and Trucking Services in Chilliwack and Beyond

For builders, supply companies, arborists and others in need of experienced crane transport and trucking services in Chilliwack, the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas, A1 Crane Services is the top choice. We combine the right equipment with talented personnel to solve your heavy lifting and transportation challenges. From commercial transport, building supplies, hot tub placement, utility works, junk removal to agricultural, commercial and residential projects, no job is too big or small for A1 Crane Services. With an 80 feet boom and 20T capacity, we can make a hard job easy and simple. Call or email us today for a quote and availability.

hot tub on truck
hot tub loaded on a truck

Our Specialties

Our modern trucking equipment enables us to take on diverse projects. We have done jobs ranging from transporting a 24-feet trailer to hauling a 40-feet long tree out of the woods. We also frequently move sea containers from one location to another and partner with architects and carpenters to undertake assembly and disassembly jobs. Our specialties include:

Crane Services

Service and safety are fundamental to everything we do. With A1 Crane Services by your side, you can expect utmost professionalism and security of the transportation of your load till it reaches the final destination. 

Safe Pick-up and Delivery

Hire our professional crane services to ensure on-time delivery of your heavy load.

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